run ninety-one

September 24, 2007


Better. Not good, but better. Tracked back to 20 minutes and started again. Didn’t run all the way but not bad. Baby steps.


run ninety

September 22, 2007


Good grief I’m getting worse. That was painful. Must try harder.

run eighty-nine

September 17, 2007


Bunch of arse. A rubbish run. Felt bad and achy straightaway. Ran too fast for about 6 minutes and then walked back.

run eighty-eight

September 14, 2007


Not so good. Probably because it was 7am. Had to be to fit it into a travel day. But I’m quite pleased to be that dedicated.

run eighty-seven

September 13, 2007


This was almost pleasant. Nice location. Around Boston. Two pieces of music fitted my pace really well – Hey Mickey by Toni Basil and Ghost Town by The Specials.

run eighty-six

September 9, 2007


This was a night run around Boston. The only time I ever really feel like running is when I’ve just got off a plane so this was good. Quite pleased to have gone this far, but did lots of stopping to look at the map because I got a bit lost. Good thing about switching to a new nano is I get Lance congratulating me on my longest run again. That’s good.

run eighty-five

September 5, 2007


I went. That is all.