nike + mini

November 18, 2008


97, 98, 99, 100

May 20, 2008

Well, the end of the nineties were a tale of petering out patheticness. But it’s not good enough. And run 100 is me starting again. Not a good run. But a start. Off we go again.

run fifty-four

December 14, 2006

Started too fast. It’s listening to Paperback Writer at the beginning that does it. Always gets me over excited. Bad run generally. Not been since Sunday and now it’s Thrsday. That’s not regular. That’s not incremental. This will not stand. Things must change. But they must change slowly.


run 50

December 3, 2006

Bit annoyed with Run 50. Well, with myself. Didn’t run at all this week . Too busy. Bad excuse. Was supposed to run 15k today. Didn’t. Tried. But I just couldn’t face it. Oh well. Get some runs in this week. Back at it next weekend.


run twenty-one

August 27, 2006

run 21

No words. Too late. Too knackered.


July 17, 2006

forgot to buy a pedometer, will do tomorrow