swim two

July 19, 2006

splendid thing to do on the hottest day of the year. 70 lengths in 30 minutes. not great but I spent at least 5 minutes mid-swim fiddling with the aquapac I had my ipod in. that was reasonably satisfactory, but the underwater headphones aren’t great. need to find something better.


swim one

July 17, 2006

Just been swimming. Pleasant for a few minutes and then BORING. Need a solution to that. Did 76 lengths in 30 minutes. The staff aren’t completely sure of the length of the pool, they said between 15 and 17 metres, so I’m going to plump for 16 metres. Which means 1,216 metres per 30 minutes, about 1.5 mph, or 1.3 knots. That seems to be about 280 calories, or 1.2 Mars Bars.