April 25, 2007

bugger. I managed to fall down some stairs yesterday and twist my ankle. Now it’s all swollen and painful. So I can’t run or walk much. Maybe I should go swimming.



July 18, 2006

still no pedometer


July 17, 2006

forgot to buy a pedometer, will do tomorrow

plan A

July 16, 2006

So, the last time I lost any weight my regime was like this:

1. Food – my own Atkin’s varient – lots of bacon, all sorts of eggs, ham, burgers, miso soup, lots of water, many of those incredibly expensive fruit selections from Starbucks and supermarkets, one latte a day, some vegetables if unavoidable. Occasional croissant when sad. Occasional ebcb when required by circumstance.

2. Exercise – running around Regent’s Park. Big fan of John Bingham and his approach to just getting into the habit of getting out and doing something, even if you don’t run the whole time. Eventually managed to get up to about 40 minutes of running without complete collapse which was a triumph for me. (I managed to get out of cross-country at school by waving my inhaler around, I had slight asthma, much exaggerated to get me out of stuff. I’ve always been good at getting out of stuff, that’s why I’m quite enthused by this project, I can’t really get out of it.) Then I ran the 10K and started getting painful twinges in my knee which haven’t really gone away. That stopped me. Twinges came back when we did the Sport Relief Mile yesterday. Troubling. I imagine I will touch on knees more later.

3. Lifestyle. I was also doing that 10,000 steps a day thing, which I found very energising and easy. I could never find a pedometer I liked though, I lost about one a week, they would always fall off my belt.

So, since that seemed to work last time, that’s how I’ll start again.

Food – I’m going to use my phone to photograph everything I eat, because I suspect my calorie awareness will be enhanced by the risk of public humiliation. Lots of protein, not many carbs, nutritionists will go mad but I don’t care because they mostly seem quite quackish. My intake should appear in the sidebar through the magic of flickr tags. (Kinda like these projects highlighted by dearada)

Exercise – this may be my Achille’s Knee. I’m not sure running would be sensible, I’m going to try this evening, to see how it feels, but otherwise I may have to plump for swimming. I should go and seek advice at the gym or somewhere but I absolutely hate the way people in gyms talk to you, don’t listen to you, and can’t accept that you find their machines boring.

Lifestyle – I shall strap on a pedometer the minute the pedometer shop opens.

I’ve never been fit. I’ve been a bit skinny, was fairly skinny through most of school. But started to plump out when I got to university. Been overweight to one degree or another ever since.

I’ve tended not to worry about it. I’ve liked the idea of being slimmer. I’ve had enthusiasms for Japanse clothing brands like w-taps which frankly weren’t designed for fat English blokes like me and that confronted me with my own corporality every now and then. But it’s not been a big thing in my life, a nagging vague concern.

But my son started running about and I realised that if I was going to keep up with him I was going to have to lose some weight, and I started working on all kinds of Nike running projects and I hated the idea of being the only non-runner in the room. So I started to go out and jog a bit, and eat differently and I lost some weight. Probably went from about 16 stone to about 14. Still overweight for my height (1.80m) but better. I could give up on the XXL t-shirts. And I managed to run a 10K, which was one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done. And people said ‘have you lost weight’ and ‘you look good’ which was really rather nice.

That was probably about 9 months ago, and now I’m back up to 14.5 stone, not feeling so good about things. So I’ve decided to start this blog, because I find that if I blog about something, I do something about it too.

I’m not sure exactly what the plan is. Some varient of less food, more exercise, but I’ll post it all on here. For my benefit really, but if you want to follow along that’ll be nice.