run sixty-six

January 17, 2007


I was afraid of this, Jonathan has raised the bar and if I’m going to be beat him I need to do a 10k in under an hour by the end of Feb. At least that. Because he might just keep getting faster. I followed Paul’s advice today and went to run at the pace I’d need to run to beat him, to see what it felt like. I’ll tell you what it felt like, it felt too fast. I was able to keep the required pace up for 3k but that’s it. No way I can do it for another 40 minutes. I feel like Ben Johnson must have felt, needing that extra half second and feeling the need for artificial assistance. Except the only thing that can help me catch up with Jonathan is a motorbike.

3 Responses to “run sixty-six”

  1. Of course it feels like that first time. But you’ll get used to it.

  2. yogalete Says:

    What software are you using to reack the mileage?

  3. yogalete Says:

    Found it!

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