run thirty-seven

October 18, 2006

Went and ran. Pleased about that. I’m not really worried that it feels like a plateau, just another 30 minute  run, I quite like that. It feels like I’m paying my dues, like a drummer doing her rudiments or a violinist practising his scales. It feels like maybe I’m trying to become a runner rather than just go running.



2 Responses to “run thirty-seven”

  1. Do you really think you’re changing Russell? Because you are writing more about ‘being a runner’ rather than ‘running’ (how far you went etc). Or is that just response to questions etc?

    I find the distinction rather interesting.

    Ps. How are you finding the heart rate monitor?

  2. suzeriley Says:

    but that’s the whole point – he doesn’t enjoy the mental aspect of ‘running’ – there’s no mind fuck about how well he did or how fast he did it…. it’s a chore that may or may not give him an end result. That’s a hard place to be IMO.

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