run thirty-four

October 3, 2006

Another slow one, sub-150BPM, nice though, relaxed. I’m convincing myself I’m doing responsible light training before the 10K on Sunday. But really I’m just being lazy. (I’m still not sure what the dots on the graph are, I thought they represented when i pressed the centre button for running info, that seemed to be what it has been before. But I didn’t press the button at all this time. So maybe it’s every ten minutes or something. Don’t know.)


One Response to “run thirty-four”

  1. I think it’s one dot for every mile, one in the end., + one for each time you press the status button.

    Really silly that they don’t use separate colors for status and miles. Instead, they used the red dots to show when you press your Power Song, which is… um… shall we say, not very important…

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