run thirty-two

September 26, 2006

This was an interesting run. (In a not very interesting way.) I used the Heart Rate Monitor again. It’s a rather nice bit of industrial design, a Sunnto T3 but the manual is a complete disaster and the link to the PC thing isn’t compatible with m’Mac s o I can’t really report back on m’data. But, I’ve set it up with all the default setting s for a not-exercising-much-middle-aged-man (I can’t yet be bothered with the rigmarole involved in finding my maximum heart rate and my minimum heart rate; which seems like it might involve me being briefly dead) and it seemed to beep when my heart rate went above 150bpm. So I slowed down and it stopped beeping. And that made me run slower than usual. And that seemed rather succesful. I was originally intending to run for 30 minutes and I ended up doing a 10K. I got a bit faster at the end. I was getting bored. Anyway. Progress.


3 Responses to “run thirty-two”

  1. Heh. Brilliant. I remember my first big run wearing my HRM – it started beeping ferociously after 500 meters, so I had to turn it off. I guess I was in pretty shape, but unprepared to accept it…

    Anyway, when you do the max rate test, not only will you be dead long enough to go halfway across Styx, you HAVE to make sure you’re alone, as one’s facial expression will scare bystanders into oblivion.

    Doing a min. rate test (sleep for an hour or so, wake up, look at watch) is quite agreeable though. I like doing that a lot. Even without the watch part.

  2. suzeriley Says:

    Russell, why have you got so many dots in this run? Is it because of the heart rate monitor – or what?

  3. You know, I’ve never really found out what the dots mean. I’ll have a look and let you know.

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