run thirty

September 22, 2006

Tried to mix it up a bit tonight. Ran fast for 10 minutes, slow for 5 minutes.  Seemed  quite good.  I think I need to wash my running gear more often. I called in at the corner shop to get grub on the way home. Got  some  askance sniffs from fellow shoppers.


4 Responses to “run thirty”

  1. well done – though I suspect you put up the run graph for the last one. If not, you’re REALLY stuck in a routine 😉
    I can recommend doing 4 minutes fast + 2 minutes (very) slow – rinse, lather, repeat 4 times, then a slow jog home. Works pretty well. It’s quite bearable to just have to keep up the spirit for 4 minutes at a time. Adds a little spark.

    Liked the cornershop incident. There’s no better lesson in social akwardness than running. For a couple of miles there, you feel pretty darn dashing; and then all it takes is a red light and somebody walking past you wearing significantly more clothes to make you feel really misplaced.

    Maybe it’s just because I run wearing something like a mansized condom with holes for the arms. Could be part of the problem.

  2. joosey Says:

    Russell–how many blogs do you have? I could surf for hours just off your site. I am consitently AMAZED with your time management skills. Anyways, as for running tips, the 4 minutes fast, two minutes slow is fantastic and is called interval running.

    To keep your training even more interesting, break up your days some more. One day run three miles at a nice clip. Next day run slow and try to up your mileage. Next day do the interval running. Staggering like this will make you faster.

    And have you thought about a partner in crime? Having a running partner (a live one is best–though the nike+ thing could be fun…) is the best way to get somewhere fast. Sundays are great days for the longer run. And as a rule, you should be able to carry on a pretty effortless conversation with your partner while on a long, slow run; it’s the perfect barometer.

    I hung up (or rather tucked away) my running shoes a long time ago, but I must say reading this got me on the nike website checking out the nike+ system. Pretty grand. I may break down and start again. But don’t count me on it.

    I happen to fall into the radical nutritionist type, (I crave kale) and don’t know HOW you, or anyone else does the low carb thing. I would be so cranky and mean I would be a serious threat to those around me… I need carbs, but the complex brown rice, quinoa type do me wonders. And lots and lots of beans. I LOVE beans.

  3. I have to say, I don’t even know what kale is. Is it a vegetable of some sort? Or a rock? Thanks for the thoughts though. I’ll have to try and get a partner. Maybe there’s some sort of skype thing I can do.

  4. joosey Says:

    Kale is a leafy dark green vegetable. Very hearty. Somewhat bitter. Great steamed with some dressing. For us healthbugs it can be quite addictive. Honestly.

    I haven’t started jogging, but I have set myself up with a personal trainer. Having been an avid athlete, I was always too proud, to ask for help in that area. I like teamwork and partnerships, so I guess, in a way, I’ve taken my own advice.

    Mr. Fat Man Walking is planning a world tour now…

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