run twenty-eight

September 17, 2006

blah blah running blah blah hot blah blah distance blah blah time blah blah  tired blah blah late


3 Responses to “run twenty-eight”

  1. reinseth Says:

    ok, I’ll provide the commentary then. Fill in the blahs, as it were.
    Noble effort. I like how one can tell from your run graphs that you always seem to pick yourself up a little bit there towards the end.
    Runner-to-runner: You seem a little stuck, though. Have you thought about mixing it up a bit with a more organized run programme? I remember being stuck with the same kind of run 3 times a week, no real progress – mixing in a bit of tempo run, easy running – on purpose… – intervals… that really helped.
    Or do you run to get away from planning things? then I won’t bother you with suggestions…

  2. thanks reinseth, always nice to know someone’s watching.

    I think you’re right. I need to mix things up a bit. I’ve bought a copy of Runner’s World to look for thoughts.

    I shall report on progress.

  3. I like Runner’s World. They’ve understood and perfected the very simple concept that putting an incredibly fit person on the cover (implying the rather unlikely idea that he got to look like that because of running) is strangely motivating.
    But they do have some good tips, I hope you find some inspiration.

    When you first start running, you feel like if you just run 5k in 30 minutes a lot, you’ll get faster. And you do at first, a bit. And then you just get REALLY good at running 5k in 30 minutes… (but still feel like dying when you try to go for 29…)

    Anyway: good luck, run hard, live long and prosper. I’ll keep cheering. I enjoy your planning blog a lot, so a little cheer for that as well.

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