run twenty

August 25, 2006

I saw Mr Miyagi today and he expressed some displeasure with the way this blog is going. I think he thinks I’m too obsessed with my nike+ and not talking enough about how I feel. So I shall attempt to address that. And, since this was my twentieth run, it maybe seems an appropriate moment to recap.

How do I feel?

I’ve proved to myself that I’m capable of running. More than jogging. I’ve not done it much yet but it seems like it’s in reach. If my knee will allow. The knee has been remarkably twinge-free but when I get home and climb the stairs I can hear it crackling like there’s an empty bag of crisps in there.

I think I might have harvested the low-hanging running fruit.

The first twenty runs have got me from 20 minutes of stumbling to doing a 10K in an hour and a bit. But I think further improvements are going to be harder to come by. I’ll get hearing less from Lance and Paula. I’m entering the grinding it out phase. I think this might call for a new gadget – I need more distraction.

The nike+ has been a tremendous boon because it feeds me with music and simple maths problems. If I’m doing a 40 minute run and it tells that I’ve completed 5 minutes I can spend a distracted few minutes working out what mathmatical formulation makes that seem most like I’ve almost finished. (I thought that ‘I’ve already done a quarter of half way there’ seemed best.) My running relationship with music interests me too.

I seem to run faster to slow music. I think it’s because the musical content of my slower music is more engaging, which means I think less about the running and start running faster. The higher BPM stuff might match my stride but it’s less distracting. The two best running things so far are Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm, which is very loud and fast and not at all the kind of stuff I ususally listen to – so it’s a proper kick of energy. And Boom Boom Bap by Scritti Politti. Which is lovely and the drum parts fit exactly to my stride so it feels like I’m running and drumming.

And I’ve realised that this blog helps me run. Anne and Arthur are away at the moment, so I could have not run and no-one would have known. Except me. And I have no problem with letting myself down (even when I’m an ambassador for the whole school) I’m always letting myself down. But the sense that someone might be reading this, and keeping a weather eye on whether I’m running got me out of the sofa and onto the road. Anyway that’s enough. Let’s hope Mr Miyagi is not further displeased.


6 Responses to “run twenty”

  1. Yes. Sorry about that, not sure where I get off giving you advice about blogging, but there you go.

    Further to our (short) discussion about a joint blogging/activity venture – would you be open to other suggestions (seeing as you’ve already vetoed the Marathon De sables -

  2. russell Says:

    certainly. just bear in mind. i’m not very good at this.

  3. Ben Says:

    What’s better then, WordPress or Typepad?

  4. Is there anything in particular you’d like to be better at?

  5. Maybe we could invent our own event.

  6. I think I prefer Typepad. But then I’ve been using it for three years. I’m used to it.

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