run six

July 25, 2006

Sweated and stumbled along the beach this morning. It was only about 7.30 so it was very hot. Managed 22 minutes, and according to my nike+ 1.99 mile, and burned 301 calories, though I’m sure it you factor in the heat that should be 30,000 calories and I can now eat nothing but pork pies for a year. The other nice thing with the nike+ was that once I’d finished Lance Armstrong spoke to me on my ipod and congratulated me on my longest ever workout. So there’s another goal; keeping Lance happy.

run six graph

4 Responses to “run six”

  1. How you measuring calorie output?

  2. russell Says:

    the nike+ thingy works it out. don’t know what formula is uses, or how accurate it is.

  3. Spoke to a scientist here (at Yakult), apparently it has something to do with weight, distance, and time.

    If you care.

  4. Julian Says:

    Be careful out there. I can only speak from personal experience but when I took up running two years ago I started very very gently – literally 10 minutes to start and worked up very slowly over a few months. I am now addicted and really enjoy the running. I am injured (not from running) at the moment, missing those endorphins and putting on weight.

    I lost alot of weight and although I HATE to admit it I feel sooo much better, more energy and am doing lots of things I couldnt do in the past. Keep it up – hard but worth it,


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