run three

July 20, 2006

No PB. 18 minutes of running before walking. Went the other way round the park which seemed easier but only managed about 38 minutes. It’s good running late at night. You’re too sick and knackered when you finish to pig out on the usual just-before-bed large snack. Felt very disinclined to run today but bumped into my Mr Miyagi this afternoon who asked if I was going to be running so felt obliged. Glad I did now. He’ll also be pleased to know I found a small amount of blood in my sock at the end of the run. Nothing dramatic. But still.

One Response to “run three”

  1. I went from the pub, to another pub, to another pub, to a weird podcast recording. Then, weirdly, my shin started bleeding.

    Sympathy pains?

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