run one

July 16, 2006

Just did my first run. Around Regents Park and back. 3.52 miles apparently. 39 minutes. An average of 5.41 mph. Which, for a man of my porkitude, seems to equate to 552 calories (about a big steak and kidney pie). Pathetic really, but I was quite pleased than I managed to run for 15 minutes before walking. There’s a burning, internally bruised quality to the feeling in my left knee but it doesn’t seem to have slipped its moorings so I’m quite pleased. Swimming, I think, tomorrow.

5 Responses to “run one”

  1. 3.5 miles is decent not pathetic. Always a little bit further and sooner or later you’ll get anywhere.

    You considered cycling? Great exercise, saves the knees, and can be quicker than public transport.

  2. picklin paul Says:

    That’s great for a first run. Consider this a virtual cheer from the stands.

    I like the slightly obsessive stats-fest – and I really like visualing runs as food. How far would a medium pork pie be?

    If you are having knee problems have you heard about Run and Become a shop in Victoria. They watch you run and suggest appropriate running shoes. It really worked for me when I had knee problems.

  3. I’ve been to a few Run and Become’s and Runner’s Need to mystery shop for Nike. And every time I’ve been they’ve put me in a different shoe – some say I pronate some say I don’t. And I’ve been through the same with gaite specialists, so I’m slightly suspicious of all that.

    But you’re right, I should probably get over my suspicion.

    I’ve been doing a bit of cycling recently, but just there and back stuff around town. Nothing that would constitute exercise. I should do that.

  4. Patrick Says:

    That’s the great thing about cycling: it’s exercise but doesn’t (have to) feel like it. We’ll get you in the Staufenberger Cycle Club yet! Which reminds me…

  5. jackson Says:

    it’s great that you’re blogging about running. i feel like i should do the same, except i’d blog about my rehab of my old knees and foot.
    take it from me and take it easy russell. and make sure you stretch plenty before and after. i’ve been an avid runner my entire life, but a couple of years of addiction to fried chicken and misc. non-running sports has made me a running injury waiting to happen. so far i’ve got plantar facitis and a weak knee. enjoy running

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